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We Won! – a project about Holocaust survivors

Tarbut Sighet Foundation and Asociația Maramureș Heritage are partnering for an exhibiton to honor the memory of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust from Norther Transylvania.

We would like to expose pictures of Holocaust survivors before deportation and pictures with present family.

We are looking for at least 20-25 contacts and only need good quality photos. Also, some information about the persons ( name, town of deportation and so one). We will print them, frame them and in october 2023 want to present them in an exhibiton in Sighetu Marmației, Maramureș county, Romania.

After that we would like to make this exhibition a moving exhibition, so that people from all around Romania find out the stories.

The project name is We Won! – and is part of AEPJ – The European Days of Jewish Culture.

For these purpose we want to ask survivors and family members to contact us for more information about the exhibition.

You can write on contact@regiomm.ro

Photo of Frida Simon, born in Cluj in 1922, but moved to Maramureș county with her family.

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